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99, Barkville Is what we call the home to the dogs that have no place of their own, given up, abused and abandoned, this place provide solace to all.
We have over 5 years of experience
For over 5 years, Dog Lovers in Ahmedabad has been running an online dog lovers community that facilitates people to report the dogs in need of help. Through our page we spread the awareness and by building effective projects like 99, Barkville, we try and reduce the sufferings of stray dogs and homeless pedigree dogs. 99, Barkville shelters the orphan, old and disabled dogs in its best capacity.

Himani Mod

Himani, is an IT engineer, who decided, she wanted to help the dogs in whatever way possible. She loves to create awareness about welfare and responsible pet parenting and is very vocal against abuse and mistreatment of stray animals. She promotes sterilization and is an amazing adoption counsellor.

Swati Verma

Swati, was an Honorary Animal Welfare Officer appointed by Animal Welfare Board Of India. Swati has always worked with dog sterilization programs and promotes adoption of desi dogs and loves to work with communities trying to solve their stray dog problems into creating more coexistence friendly awareness. Swati has volunteered with US based shelters and has keenly observed the working of shelters there and has bring it back to 99, Barkville to have more modern approach towards animal management.

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